Helmut Newton Opens Moscow Show

"Russia has a sublime past. Its brilliant art has an impact on European artistic developments now just as it had in the avantgarde era," says Helmut Newton. One of the best-known Western photographers, he has come to Moscow for his one-man exposition, opening at the Moscow Photography House, Monday.

Mr. Newton, 83, will have a master class, Sunday. His show starts a 3rd Moscow-based international festival, Fashion and Style in Photography, says Olga Sviblova, Photography House manager.

Helmut Newton's profoundly original style, harsh and refined at once, leaves no one indifferent. He has many ardent admirers and no fewer enemies-but no disinterested viewers.

The sheer fact that his itinerant retrospect is now in Moscow after a triumphant journey round the world means that Moscow is among the foremost global cultural centres, Ms. Sviblova remarked to Novosti.