Man Sues Firm Over Big Pumpkins

Nikolay Salakhov, a resident of the town of Pavlov-Posad in the Moscow region, is going to sue a Moscow seed firm. Nikolay is going to file the lawsuit on the allegation of improper seeds, which made him suffer from a brain concussion.

In the year 2002 Nikolay Salakhov bought a small packet of pumpkin seeds in order to grow them on the terrace of his country house. As instructions said, pumpkins entwine props up to two meters high and then grow decorative vegetables the size of a pear.

Nikolay planted those seeds, the plants entwined props on the terrace, although vegetables turned out to be a common size of a pumpkin, weighing up to 15 kilos. One of those big pumpkins fell down on Nikolay’s head, when he slammed the door behind him one fine day. Andrey Tumanov, the chairman of the Moscow Union of Gardeners, said that almost a half of the seeds, which are available on the Russian market today, do not correspond to gardening norms. It often happens that seed firms sell either defective or overdue storage seeds.