Only in WC You Can Get Wonderful Haircuts!

There are lots of beauty institutions offering their services to make people look more beautiful and sometimes even younger. A hairdressing saloon in Thailand invented a rather unusual method for client attraction. The administration of the salon decided it was no use to invite expensive designers for decoration of the interior; they just decorated the saloon as a lavatory.

As Russia’s TV company NTV informs, visitors of the unusual salon are offered to be seated on a WC pan where they will be offered nice haircuts, on this very “seat” clients have the hair cut and styled.

As an alternative, clients waiting for their turn to be served can seat for some time in a chair that is a cut bath in fact. Director of the salon says that sitting in the bath-chair is very comfortable for clients.

Other bathroom accessories are used in the salon for keeping brushes, scissors, hair conditioners and other professional items.