Russian Orthodox Church Celebrates 700th Anniversary of St. Daniel of Moscow's Death

On Monday, the Russian Orthodox Church will celebrate the 700th anniversary of the presentation of St. Daniel of Moscow, gatherer of Russian lands, forefather of Moscow Princes and founder of Moscow's ancient St. Daniel Monastery.

As RIA Novosti learned from the Department of External Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchy, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II will conduct a divine service in the Trinity Cathedral of the St. Daniel Monastery.

Communications and Informatisation Minister Leonid Reiman and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church will make the symbolic cancellation of the post-stamp devoted to St. Prince Daniel in the Throne Room of the Synodal Residence of the St. Daniel Monastery.

In the evening, the Church Councils of the Church of Christ Saviour will host the "the Master of Moscow" festivities with church singing, monastery and folk choirs. An exhibition devoted to the life of St Daniel Monastery will be opened in the Church.

State representatives, prominent church and public figures will take part in the festivities.

History has it that Prince Daniel /1261-1303/, younger son of Alexander Nevsky, rejected military solutions to internal wars. At the same time, he turned Moscow into a centre of Russia. Kolomna, Pereyaslavl-Zalessky and other volosts became part of Moscow.

In 1300, the Russian prince's armed forces defeated Tatar Mongols near Pereyaslavl-Zalessky.

Daniel of Moscow took great care of monasteries and churches in his principality. His life reflected the integrity of state service and personal belief.