Youth Prefers to Go to Church at Night

A new place of entertainment open all night long will appear in an Italian city. This won’t be a restaurant, club or dancing, but a… church. This idea was suggested by a local priest in order to attract more young people to the abode of religion.

Padre, Paolo Iannakone, 37, from the Italian city of Trieste decided to change the day schedule of the church where he served. This wonderful idea occurred to the priest after his long conversations with teenagers: he found out that sometimes some of them are eager to attend church, but unfortunately the church is already closed when they have this desire.

On weekends youth from nearby places and from outskirts of the city gathers in the center of Trieste where the entertainment infrastructure – night clubs, cafes, dancing halls and other institutions are situated. The church where Padre Iannakone serves is also situated in the center of the city. The Padre hopes that the church may get more new parishioners, young people who will drop in the church oftener on their way from one club to another. The doors of the night church will be open for everyone from 11 p.m. Saturday to 2 p.m. Sunday.

Padre Iannakone practically doesn’t doubt the innovation will be a success. The night schedule of the church was already tested last weekend: over 60 teenagers came for prayers to the church that time. The priest says that his flock will get much younger very soon. Besides, Padre Iannakone himself is going to meet with ordinary people as well: he will go to local bars and clubs to tell the youth about harm caused by drugs and alcohol.