The Number of Assaults on District Police Officers Is on the Rise in Russia

In the past week, the number of assaults on district police officers in Russia has increased, reported deputy head of the Department of Public Security (DPS) under Russian Interior Ministry Lieutenant-General Nikolai Pershutkin.

According to N. Pershutkin, it's caused by the fact that the police officers "serving" city and town districts are the first to encounter displays of anti-social behaviour and criminal activities.

The responsibilities of district police officers include preventive work with the population, collection of information about criminals on the run, search of auxiliary rooms in buildings and adjacent structures. All these actions meet serious resistance on the part of the criminals.

Mr. Pershutkin pointed out that district police officers serve their duty in all subjects of the Russian Federation, including the Chechen Republic.

"Due to the efforts of district police officers, every fifth criminal case was cracked last year," underlined Nikolai Pershutkin. In addition, the activities of the district police officers caused a significant decrease in the number of crimes committed in the state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, and brought down by 30 percent the number of crimes committed by repetitive offenders and members of organised criminal groups.

The Lieutenant-General admitted that, according to statistical data, about 30 district police officers die in the line of duty every year, while hundreds of police officers suffer wounds and injuries.