EU Presents Joint Cultural Projects for St Petersburg's 300th Anniversary

On Wednesday, the European Union presented joint cultural projects for the 300th anniversary of the former Russian Empire's capital, scheduled to take place this May-June.

Head of the European Commission's delegation to Russia Richard Wright, general consuls of Greece and Italy, the current and future chairmen of the EU, Yannis Lakatsits and Marco Ricci.

The presented projects have been supported by EU member-states and amended by numerous bilateral initiatives of separate EU member states.

Richard Wright presented three projects selected by EU member-states, which will be realised under the EU aegis: a European route, a cinema festival and a concert of the EU youth orchestra.

The European route will connect 15 signs to be hung up in St Petersburg's historical centre near objects having close historical connection with EU member-states. The first sign, for example, will be devoted to Greece's first President Capodistria who also was a Russian diplomat, while the Italian sign will tell about architect Carlo Rossi.

The EU youth orchestra consists of 140 musicians under 24. It is patronised by chairmen of the European Parliament and the European Commission as well as by heads of EU member-states. The orchestra was founded 25 years ago and is based in London.