Taste the Seven Deadly Sins, Wonderful Ice-creams

In the days when the Lent has began for all Christians in the west and for the Orthodox, Unilever, the English-Dutch company, produced seven new varieties of its Magnum ice-cream. Each of the new varieties has the name of one of the seven deadly sins. These are new ice-creams with the following names: avarice, sloth, envy, lust, gluttony, pride and wrath. And the letter “M” in the word Magnum on boxes with the ice-cream is decorated with horns and a tail.

“Lust” is vanilla ice-cream covered with a layer of strawberry chocolate; “gluttony” is a portion of dark chocolate ice-cream with white covering.

The unusual marketing solution of the company gave rise to strong criticism of Holland’s Christian organizations, the Christian Truth, the South African Republic religious movement, for instance (a subsidiary of the movement operates in the Netherlands). Members of the organization urge people to boycott all stores where the “sinful” ice-cream is sold.

The first batches of “lust”, “sloth” and other kinds of Magnum ice-cream have already come into the markets of the South African Republic and Australia. “Pride” is the most popular ice-cream in Australia. It should be mentioned that an advertising video created in Australia for promotion of the Magnum ice-cream won one of the prime awards at the International advertising festival in Cannes in 2002.