Bitchy Women: The Beauty and the Beast

The English word “bitch” translates into Russian as “sterva,” or “suka.” However, Russians imply a lot more in those words, than English-speaking people do. A bitch in Russia is a nervous, unpredictable lady, who can go into hysterics at any moment, slap a man in his face, make him feel uncomfortable in front of other people, throw a cup of hot coffee in him, humiliate a man with a very short phrase about the male dignity (“you are a loser), or say “I am tired” right in the middle of the love prelude.

This is a way some women take revenge on men for the fact that they are stronger, more talented, more financially secure. Women also do that on account of the fact that men have a greater advantage – the male pride. When a woman like that turns an excited man down, it is something that can be regarded as symbolic castration. A bitch always makes a man experience the feeling of guilt. She always tells him things like “you failed to do this,” “you could not satisfy me,” and the like. She never leaves a man alone, she always finds a reason to bug a man. This might happen at any period of man’s life, even after he became a successful, a stable person. Any heroic actions that a man might think to make will not bring any good. A bitchy woman will show absolutely no appreciation, if her man decides to do all the housework during a breathtaking football match, or if he goes to visit a dog show to see what her stupid dachshund does instead of having a beer with his friends.

There is no such notion as a system of values for a bitchy woman. She does not know what etiquette is, what morality for humanism means. She lives on the base of only one principle: “I want it like that.” Classic Russian writers even wrote books about such women. The most famous one of them is a fairytale by world-known Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Here is the gist of the story in short. An old man lives on the seashore together with his old wife. They were very poor, they could hardly make both ends meet. Once a man caught a magic gold fish, which agreed to fulfil any of his wishes. It was the old lady, who started making wishes. At first she wished to have a new washtub, and then she started wishing one thing after another. The man went to the fish every time his wife told him to, he did not even try to say something against it. One shall assume that he loved his bitchy wife.

This is just a fairytale, although it is exactly what happens in real life – men fall in love with bitches rather often. Why does it happen? Friends and parents try to warn a man about that, because he acts like a moth to a flame in this case. A bitchy woman is like a drug: if you try her once, you can not give it up in the future. There is a caterpillar in South America, which lives in ant hills. Ants always attack any alien creature that might get into their hill. However, they never touch that caterpillar. That insect has a certain ant drug on its belly. Ants get intoxicated with that drug and a bitchy caterpillar easily eats them up.

A bitchy woman does not deal with logic, common sense, justice always comes late for her. She turns a man’s life into the negative emotional experience. She is very good at being between hatred and love. A man will be loved and forgiven if he makes this woman happy (gives her expensive perfume or a trip to Cyprus or a fancy leather purse). A man will be forgiven, even if he is not guilty. She will put him on a pedestal in order to floor him down again soon after that. What for? This is a rhetoric question to ask, like any question that a man might wanna ask to a bitchy woman. They have always existed and they will always exist. It is impossible to get rid of the bitchy gene. It should be praised and glorified. It is the mankind’s property, which gives incentives to so many new books, poems, songs, and paintings.

The basic weapon of a bitch is her hysterics. A hysterics can be quiet, when she withdraws into herself, stares at one and the same spot for a very long time. It might only seem that she looks a tender, vulnerable woman. A man is not supposed to relax with such a woman: when she sees that, she will destroy him. A loud hysterics is something that can not be wished even to an enemy: she roars and yells and hollers. This results in broken furniture, plates and glasses, as well as in bruises, scratches and bites. A hysterics of a bitch is a source of her future fights – this is where she takes her energy from. At times, a hysterics is like a prelude to an act of love. Some women look really sexy, when they go mad: tantrums can make add more color to their cheeks, they breathe faster and so on. A bitch can be very beautiful, she radiates her passion – a stunning creature with fire in her eyes, the real incarnation of female passion. She is always confident and ambitious. She acts as if she is a queen, while her man is just a clerk. She can be amazingly passionate in bed, though. Men are ready to forgive anything for that.