Number of Russian Volunteers Willing to Go to Iraq Exceeds 7,000

The number of Russian volunteers willing to go to Iraq has already exceeded 7,000 people. This information was given by Iraqi Ambassador to Russia Abbas Khalaf at a press conference held on Friday in Moscow.

Letters to the effect come from Russia's different regions, not only Muslim ones, he pointed out. "There are several thousand people ready to defend Iraq in Daghestan alone," the Ambassador pointed out. However, now there is no need for it, he said.

"We receive all letters and register them, but we do not intend to provide visas to all those willing to leave for Iraq," the Ambassador stressed. On behalf of the Russian government, Abbas Khalaf thanked all Russian citizens who expressed their desire to help Iraq in its hour of need. Among Russian volunteers there are a lot of women willing to go to Iraq in order to provide medical assistance if needed, the Ambassador pointed out.

Bghdad does not expect any financial assistance from Russia in case of war, the Ambassador stressed. "All we need is moral support," he concluded.