Valery Bely to Round Lake Baikal in 60 Days Only

Tomsk traveller Valery Bely has already made 500 kilometres as part of the single expedition "Around Baikal in 60 Days" (Tomsk is a big city in West Siberia). The main goal of the Russian traveller is to improve the record of his Polish counterpart Janusz Bochenkem, who covered the same 1,800-kilometres route in 63 days.

Bely started from the Slyudyanka station on February 10, 2003, the youth, sports and tourism department of the Tomsk City Hall said on Thursday. The traveller has no special communication means and gives information on the course of the expedition when he has a chance. The third message of Valery Bely was sent by the hydrometeorological service of the Tomsk airport. "I made 500 kilometres and have to cover 250 kilometres more to get over to the southern part of Lake Baikal," says the message.