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5 Dutch Skaters Cross Lake Baikal

Five Dutch skaters crossed Lake Baikal from the south to the north, making more than 600 kilometres over 18 days. Baikal is the world's deepest lake, located in East Siberia.

The Sputnik international youth tourism bureau supervised the expedition of Dutch extreme sportsmen. The bureau's officials met the Netherlanders on the finish, in the town of Severobaikalsk, on March 5.

The sportsmen had to face unexpected hardships during the expedition, the bureau's officials said. Some parts of the lake were covered with one-metre thick layer of snow, and the skaters had to take off their skates and go on foot with the help of Alpinist equipment.

According to the head of the expedition, Olympic prize-winner of the 1990s Ari Lof, the skaters fulfilled their tasks and satisfied their sport ambitions in extreme Siberian conditions. The film, shot during the trip, will show the uniqueness of Baikal, which is beautiful in all seasons.