Bin Laden Caught Stealing Metals in Russia

Gardening association Alekseyevka of the Kursk region of Russia, suffered a lot from non-ferrous metals robbery in winter. Thieves stole aluminium kitchen ware from country-houses and cut street light wires. When they destroyed the electric transformer, which provided the association with electric power, gardeners ran out of their patience and formed a group of volunteers to catch those impudent thieves. They arranged an ambush near the nearest point that purchased non-ferrous metals.

As a result, gardeners caught a man with a big bag of transformer parts. They were very surprised to see that the man looked exactly like international terrorist Osama bin Laden. However, the man was simply a local homeless, who was known in all local metal collection points. Gardeners realized that they could hardly make a homeless man compensate them the damage that he had caused. They seriously started discussing the idea to offer the United States of America to exchange the Russian Bin Laden for a new transformer. The “terrorist” was rather happy about that. He said that the weather in the States was a lot warmer.