Man Reports a Bomb to See Boobies

Police officers of the Russian city of Ulyanovsk arrested a 33-year-old man, who warned them of a bomb that was placed in the bath house (banya) in the Pushkin Street of the city.

The police determined that the telephone terrorist called from the street phone not far from the banya. When the man was questioned, the man said that he wanted to see naked people running out of the banya during evacuation. It should be mentioned here that it was women’s day in the banya, so the man was eager to have a look at naked women. He was deeply disappointed, when he saw all visitors coming out of the building: all of them had their clothes on. A criminal case was filed against the man on the base of Article 207 of the Russian Criminal Code – false information of an act of terrorism that is provided deliberately. The man might be jailed for the period of up to three years.