American MKhAT Studio Opens 9th Season

The 9th season of the American MKhAT Studio opens on Sunday, March 9 with "Amazing Performance," a play staged by Silvio Castiglioni, the artistic director of Santarcangelo International Theater Festival.

The American MKhAT Studio is a joint magistracy run by the MKhAT School and the Harvard University's Institute of Higher Theatrical Education. In accordance with the program, young American actors, producers and specialists in drama studies study in the MKhAT School, rehearse and appear in plays. Among the people cooperating with the program are such prominent teachers as Oleg Tabakov, Anatoly Smelyansky, Andrei Droznin, Yury Yeryomin, and Roman Kozak.

In the past eight seasons, the American MKhAT Studio hosted more than 15 premieres staged by Russian and US producers. The most outstanding of them were "Doss-house," "Vaudeville" /Chekhov/ and "Man from La Mancha" by Yury Yeryomin, "The Shadow" and "The Thunderstorm" by Alexander Marin, "The Fruit of Education" by Yevgeny Kamenkovich, and "The Rhinos" by Roman Kozak.