A Bottle of Vodka Wipes Your Name Away

A 41-year-old man from the town of Kanash in Chuvash Republic spent his last money to buy a bottle of vodka in a store. When the man got his purchase, he turned to the exit, but quite unexpectedly the bottle slipped out of his hands and got broken. Russian newspaper Izvestia informs that the client was so much shocked when he lost the desired drink that even fainted. An ambulance was called for to deliver the unlucky man to the hospital. But the man caused lots of problems in the hospital where he was delivered: in vain doctors tried to find out the man’s name. The patient lost his memory and could not recollect even his name. Within several days police unsuccessfully tried to identify the man. Luckily, the patient was identified by his neighbor who started search for the friend as soon as he noticed the latter disappeared.