Owner of Penis Missing!

A man from Philippines cut his penis to prove fidelity to his wife who recently deserted him. Now the husband is being searched for.

With reference to The Philippine Star, Ukraine’s Internet edition Korrespondent.net tells the following story. The man from Philippines cut his penis, wrapped it in a newspaper and threw the parcel into a window of the house where parents of his wife lived. The matter is that when the woman left her husband, she came to the parents’ house. As soon as the parcel got into the window, the unhappy man cried: “Now you won’t suspect me of keeping company with other girls!”

As it became known, the couple parted about three years ago when parents of the woman forced her to leave the husband and to move to their house. The parents declared the man couldn’t maintain his wife and two children as he was jobless.

It is strange but the man who cut his penis is still missing. A shrunken piece of his penis about 7.5 centimeters long is conserved in a police department waiting for the owner.