81% of Russians Satisfied with President Putin

The majority of Russians are satisfied with Vladimir Putin's performance as president. According to an opinion poll carried out by the Public Opinion foundation, 81% of Russians graded the president's performance as 'satisfactory', 'good' or 'excellent'. Only 12% think that the president deserves a 'bad' or 'very bad' mark for his performance. 48% of those polled believe that Putin has managed to achieve to a large extent the goals that he has put before himself and implement many of his plans (a further 3% believe that he has managed to implement all of his plans). However, 22% of respondents believe that the president has not managed to achieve what he planned to do since his election and he 'has not implemented anything.' This opinion was expressed most often by Communist Party supporters.

Among Putin's unrealized goals people mentioned the low standard of living of the population (16%), inflation (7%), social problems, including drug addiction (11%), the situation in Chechnya (9%), and bureaucracy (5%). A further 2% of participants in the poll are unhappy with the fact that reform of the army and the housing sector has not been completed, and the 'necessary order' has not been brought to the country. In addition, 1% of those polled think that the president has not managed to raise the country's international status.

1,500 people took part in the poll, which was held on February 22, 2003.