The Northern Passion of Scandinavian Nations

Every human being, who lives in Scandinavian countries, has a passion for saunas. Going to sauna in northern countries leads to the same result as the sight of an exciting extravaganza in a night club. Usually it takes Scandinavian men two or three visits to the sauna to awaken their desire. Ideal conditions for that include the temperature of 90 degrees centigrade and ten percent of air humidity. This process presumably adds more excitement to the events that follow next. Hot air and cold showers inevitable evoke the need in sex. Skin becomes extra-sensitive over heat. Human senses become refined, people in saunas want to change heat to cold, they want something smooth to become rough. If there is someone, who wishes to add massage to the whole thing, a visit to a sauna becomes a real celebration of love.

Night life in Scandinavian countries takes a special place, probably, on account of the fact that northern countries have polar nights. Northern nights last for months. The choice of entertainment and various services is extremely wide. Scandinavian people have a lot of passions and preferences. That is why their XXX video production has always had something special in the world of the erotic fashion. Red lights quarters have practically everything: from hardcore sadomaso action and animal sex to naked dancing on tables. However, Scandinavian people like to rest in erotic aquaparks. A love stunt in a huge glass of ‘champagne’ is the hit of the season. Each couple can show their love to all spectators in a big glass-shaped vessel that is filled with sparkling water.

Scandinavian people love their northern nature. As soon as city residents get an opportunity to get out of town, they drive their cars in the countryside to enjoy the views of wonderful landscapes. Mountains and romantic woods, picturesque lakes and meadows always inspire northern people for having outdoor sex. It never occurs to anyone that someone might catch them making out. The population density in Scandinavian countries is very low, so there is hardly an opportunity for two Scandinavian hot-blooded couples to find themselves in one and the same spot.

Polar days last in the north for months as well. This is a celebration time for trolls, elves and other magical naughty creatures. Their influence on Scandinavian people is immense. This is the time when wildest orgies happen. Scandinavians leave their European neighbors in the dust, when it comes to that kind of entertainment. As soon as two Scandinavian people find themselves on a boat on a quiet summer day, this automatically implies a start of a very romantic love affair. A lady will inevitably pay her attention to a muscular body of a viking, when he rows. Just a smile is enough to make a storm in the middle of a still lake. People in a boat do not have a wide choice: they might either fall into water, or fall in love with each other. Scandinavians definitely prefer the latter.

The Scandinavian shelf is very rich with oil. There are a lot of oil platforms with oil derricks everywhere along the coast. Courageous Scandinavian men live and work there, they are first class specialists. First class women work there too, so men are never bored. Those platforms have their own free laws and free love. Men extract oil, they get money for that, then they give that money to women, and women give them all pleasures of love.

The secret of Scandinavian people’s health and longevity is about their rational meals. Scandinavians basically eat fish dishes. Salmon shows a special influence on a human organism. It is believed in Scandinavian countries that salmon is a source of inexhaustible male potency. Thursday is considered to be a fish day in all Scandinavian restaurants. This is an important preparation for a weekend. Scandinavian people are very educated in the art of love. Modern media presented Indian and Chinese ways of love to them, they even use ancient Papuan inventions. However, Scandinavian women adore natural love, when they imitate animals positions.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team