World Tallest Pile of Pancakes to be Baked in Moscow

The world highest pile of pancakes will be baked in Moscow in the network of the Pancake week celebration. This record is to be registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

The chief producer of the Pancake week in Moscow, Sergey Komin says that Vasilyevsky spusk (the place near the Kremlin) will be turned into a small decorated town on March 3-9. Special pans for baking traditional Russian pancakes will be set there.

As is planned, professional cooks and amateurs will bake pancakes on Thursday, March 6. Ordinary Muscovites wishing to participate in this activity will have to pass a selective competition, Interfax news agency informs.

It is planned that a two-meter pile of pancakes will be baked within four hours. So that the pile couldn’t collapse, pancakes will be pinned on a pole. Organizers of the contest say that even representatives of several political parties said about their intentions to participate in pancake baking.

Last year a world record was also registered during celebration of the Pancake week in Russia: world largest pancake was baked in Moscow. The pancake was 150 square meters, it weight 300 kilograms and was one meter long. 5.5 thousand people could taste the giant pancake.

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