International Women's Motorexpedition Reaches Chukotka

The international women's expedition that is travelling around the world reached the settlement of Egvekinot on the bank of Zaliv Kresta (Cross Bay), the Far East, Northern Chukotka, on Tuesday.

As a source at the Sakha-Yakutia government said on Tuesday, the expedition made up of five fearless women from the Republic of Sakha and headed by Oksana Novgorodova, started on February 3rd on two Uaz cars to travel across the extreme north of their republic and Chukotka to later reach the coast of the mainland. They will leave the settlement of Providence for Alaska where they will resume their travelling on rented cars across the continent to New York. Then they will fly over to London where they will rent cars to reach Yakutsk across European countries and Russia.

As a source at the union of women's organisations of the republic of Sakha said, the expedition aims at drawing the world attention to social and environmental problems of Northern and Arctic regions, establish relations with other women's organisations, ecological experts from around the world and promote international tourism.

The fearless women have already took part in international motor rallies, competitions and tours: "The Pole of the Cold", "Ocean", "Yakutsk-Magadan-Alaska-Yakutsk" and others. They will travel 26,000 km in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavian countries. They will be travelling across Russia from St. Petersburg to Yakutsk.