Ninth Indoor Trials World Cup to Be Held in St. Petersburg - 21 February, 2003

St. Petersburg will host the Ninth Indoor Trials World Cup on March 1st. The organising committee has announced that this will be the first time that the prestigious event has come to Russia.

The best motorcyclists in the world will arrive in St. Petersburg: world champion Albert Cabestany (Spain), his eternal rival and six-time world champion Dougie Lampkin (Britain), Graham Jarvis (Britain), Adam Raga (Spain), Marc Freixa (Spain) and Takahisa Fujinami (Japan).

The competition will be held in the Yubeileiny sports centre and the riders will be faced with five individual obstacles and a double one. They will only see these when they arrive and will not have the chance for any practice.

The sportsmen will have to face the Valley of Smoke, complete with a pool and large stones at the base of a four-metre hill that they will have to climb up without falling off. The "lumber" obstacle will feature fifty logs of various diameters, while the "building-site" huge reels of cable taken from a real construction site.

The double obstacle will feature two parallel tracks made from pipes of differing diameters laying cross-wise. The cyclists will have to finish in the air, as a trampoline will be waiting for them at the end which they will have to bounce off and land in a specially designated zone.

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