Four Kidneys Found in One Man

Latvian doctors found four kidneys instead of two for 34-year-old student from Yemen. Hamiam at-Tamla is a student of a high school of Riga, the capital of Latvia. The man went to see a doctor after he felt some pain in his back. Doctors examined the man, X-rayed him, and they could not believe their own eyes: the pictures showed that the man had four kidneys. Doctors decided to carry out another medical examination, although new results did not differ from previous ones at all: the Yemeni man had two healthy kidneys on each side. This is an extremely rare case for medical practice.

The Yemeni man had to deal with “commercial demand” after such a remarkable discovery. Thousands of people that suffer from kidney diseases wait for kidney transplantation operation for years. An operation like that is very expensive – more than ten thousand dollars. The man was asked to share his kidneys with other people. That was not a free of charge offer, of course. However, the Yemeni man turned down each of those suggestions. He said that four kidneys were a gift from Allah and that he could not sell such a gift.

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