Shooting at the Chief as an Anti-stress Mean

The driver shot at his chief because of backpay

In the city of Mikhailovka, Volgograd Region the worker of municipal enterprise of housing and communal services, Alexandr Frolov opened fire from sawn-off gun at the establishment director, Fyodor Lapin. The latter had held back his salary for two months. Alexandr watched for Fyodor Lapin after his dinner pause, when he was getting in his official car. He shot and hit at the director’s leg. Alexandr wanted to shoot again, though Lapin’s driver managed to knock out the gun from Alexandr’s hands. When the policemen who detained Alexandr asked him why he had shot, he answered he had wanted just to frighten a little his chief and to speed up in this way the payments.

According to the investigator of the case Oleg Rodionov, Alexndr Frolov, 43, is compos mentis. Alexandr is married and he is father of three. Alexandr’s colleagues say he is not a conflicting person and he has never drank much. Though, at the end of last year, Alexandr smashed his official car and was fined. Moreover, he has to make child payments for his two children from his first marriage. Though, the last straw was that the salary was held back by some high functionaries. This drove him out of his wits. He drank vodka, took the sawn-off gun and went to his chief to sort out his relationship. Now he is detained by the police, while his chief is in hospital.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team