Motor Car Rescued thanks to Passengers

The story is very short, though very instructive - for car hijackers. It teaches them being more attentive in their business. It happened in the city of Chelyabinsk. A hijacker, who observed a car for some time, caught a moment to realize his plan.

As the owner left his car, the hijacker immediately got in the car (the door was open) and turned the key. The car drove. The hijacker was so preoccupied with his operation, that he did not asked himself, why the door was open and the had key left in the engine. All the more, he did not look at the back place of the car, where there were two girls. The passengers kept their heads: they attacked the hijacker and covered his eyes with their hands. Happily, the car got into snowdrift. The car owner, who was running after the car, came in time and caught the hijacker.