Maria Veduchinskaya is a Real Swine

This is the truth. The question is that the Russian citizen (for Maria Veduchinskaya possess a real passport) is a swine that was recently presented to Novosibirsk zoo by workers of local internal affairs office.

The animal was found half a year ago in Chechnya, near Veduchi Settlement, where a special operation was carried out. In a forest, the officers found three small piglets, whose mother had been obviously eaten by a bear. The policemen took the three to their office. Then first piglet got to military commandant’s office, second to Shatoi temporary police office, while the third, called Mashka (diminutive of Maria), stood with the policemen.

Every day, Mashka annihilated three tins of condensed milk with sugar, so in half a year it turned into a real pig. The law-enforcers got attached to their talisman and decided to make a present to the pig. They prepared for it a passport of an old document: pasted in Mashka’s photograph and wrote its name – Maria Veduchinskaya. In the column birth-place they wrote: Chechen Republic, Itum-Kalin Region, Veduchi Settlement. Therefore, the pit became a full citizen of the Russian Federation.

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