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London's Russian Chamber Orchestra Gives Gala Concert to Celebrate Its 5th Anniversary

The Russian Chamber Orchestra of London has given a gala concert of symphony music to mark the 5th anniversary of its founding.

The concert took place on one of the most prestigious London stages - in the Queen Elizabeth Hall. About a thousand spectators gathered to see and hear the mastery of the orchestra performers.

On that evening the musicians performed works by Sergei Prokofiev, his variations on the rococo themes for the cello with the orchestra, as well as Beethoven's No.4 Symphony. The orchestra was conducted by well-known British conductor Julian Gallant.

Well-known pianist Olga Balakleyets, the founder of the Russian Chamber Orchestra of London, admitted at the conclusion of the concert that five years ago she never thought that the musicians she gathered for the first concert would later become members of a classical music ensemble.

Over the past five years the ensemble has performed not only in London and different parts of Britain, but also in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Its short-term plans include giving concerts in London and across the country, as well as in Dubai and on Cyprus. According to Balakleyets, in 2003 a disk will probably be issued with orchestra recordings.