Dog’s Laundry

In a Japanese laundry, in the west of the country, a new service has been introduced: washing the dogs. A new device saves time and nerves of dog owners, because both are necessary to wash the pets.

The automatic washing device serves the animals, while their owners quietly wait for their linen being laundered. When in a usual laundry called Toeka the “dog section” was opened, dwellers of next blocks stood in a queue before its entrance. The price of a “detailed” wash procedure with a shampoo and airing costs $ 17.00 for small dogs and $ 34.00 – for big ones. The important operation is being executed by the master of the laundry himself, Takaesi Nakae. He puts the dog into a red laundry washer with a big glass window and presses the button. At first warm water jets, then soapy water wash out all the vermin from the dog hair, saving them at the same time from a bad smell. After washing process is over, the dog is aired in a special dryer.

According to the laundry owner, most of dogs, if even they actively resist washing initially, soon submit to their fate and peacefully wail until the whole process if over. The customers are glad of their pats having no bad smell for the whole month. The magic dog washer was produced in Spain. Now it washes 10 dogs daily.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team