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Russia's Sergey Lyzhin Continues His Round-The-World Tour

Famous Russian traveller Sergey Lyzhin, who is at the present moment in the course of his second round-the-world tour by bicycle, arrived to Valencia, Spain.

He intends to get via Gibraltar to Portugal, from where he will take off by plane to the USA.

Two years ago Lyzhin had already been on a similar round-the-world tour, but back then he travelled in a reverse direction - from the west to the east.

The bicyclist dedicated his second round-the-world tour to the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg and 200th anniversary of Russian Governor Aleksander Baranov's ruling in the state of Alaska.

At the present day Lyzhin, who turns 48 in April, has already covered 7,000 kilometres out of 35,000 kilometres, which still lie ahead of him.

He has already left behind the north of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, and France. At the present moment Lyzhin decided to take a rest nearby Valencia.

As a rule, Lyzhin spends his nights in a tent and before going to sleep he writes a book in the light of a candle. The book will be published after he completes his second round-the-world tour.

The traveller, who is a citizen of Russia, started his current bicycle tour in Tallinn, where he lives and works. Lyzhin pays for his travels with his own little money and the money from his relatives and friends. The only things he received for free are his special road Japanese bicycle "Nishiki" and the medical insurance, given by Estonian company "Ergo".

Lyzhin is happily impressed that many people from various countries help him, when they see him riding his bicycle with a slogan on the handlebar: "I travel around the world on a bike!" According to the traveller, RIA Novosti became a kind of unofficial sponsor for him, because correspondents of the information agency in Finland, France, Spain and Portugal provide him with various kinds of help.