Even at the Age of 2 Months People Should Wear Condoms!

In Norway’s Finnmark, a two-month-old boy got a letter from a hospital that recommended him to wear condoms. Main purpose of the letter from the hospital was to inform little Ivan Andreas that his tests for some sexually transmitted disease were negative and consequently he was healthy.

Parents of the little boy were extremely surprised to see that the letter from the hospital was actually addressed to their son. But they were more surprised to learn that there was no infection causing sexually transmitted diseases in the organism of the son.

To tell the truth, the two-month-old boy actually did a test in that very hospital that later sent him a letter, but that was a test for an eye infection, not sexually transmitted disease. As it turned out later, doctors in the hospital mixed up results of the tests did by the little boy and by some adult patient who suspected that he had some social disease.

Father of the boy said: “As statistics shows, young people in Finnmark start making love earlier than youth of their age in Norway on the whole. However, I think that the age of two months is still very early for sex.”