Moscow Bids Farewell to Legendary Sportsman Valery Brumel

On Wednesday Moscow bade farewell to the Russian sport legend - Olympic Champion Valery Brumel.

Addressing the mourning meeting in the Luzhniki Sports Palace, Chairman of the Russian State Sports Committee Vyacheslav Fetisov said that Valery Brumel selflessly loved sport and remained a real fighter, overcoming hardships and misfortunes, till the end of his life.

President of the Russian Olympic Committee Leonid Tyagachev, Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee Vitaly Smirnov and famous sportsmen Pyotr Bolotnikov and Igor Ter-Ovanesyan also addressed the meeting. According to them, Brumel lived a bright and radiant life and experienced both minutes of triumph and tragic events.

The text of Russian President Vladimir Putin's condolences was read out at the meeting.

It is symbolic that the farewell with the outstanding high jumper took place in Luzhniki, where Valery Brumel had established several world records.

The great sportsman was buried at Novodevichye cemetary, Moscow's memorial pantheon.