The Price of Innocence

There used to be a right during certain periods of our history: when kings and feudal lords had a right to make an innocent girl a woman before she got married. There used to be kings that slept with all innocent girls of their counties. It was like a ritual before a wedding. This was practiced in Europe until the eleventh or the twelfth century. This custom was typical for Russia too.

Muslim people treasured their virgins in a special way. Every Muslim man was promised that he would have ten thousand virgins after death. In addition to that, they would become virgins every night. Indian Muslims practiced that publicly so that everyone knew that a girl was innocent. Sometimes, they even showed their neighbors a girl’s clothes spotted with virgin blood.

If men could not use such a right themselves, the right was used by their gods or divine items. The people of Ancient Rome used a special phallic stick that looked like a god of fertility. Enochs had a law, according to which a man, who raped a girl, would be beaten with stones to death. However, if he agreed to marry her, he would not die. Some nations believed that a girl’s innocence was a shame. Girls of several nations thought that they were very unhappy, if no one wanted to sleep with them.

The Chinese had a very solemn process for a virgin prostitute that was about to become a woman. That process was as solemn as a wedding. A great demand for virgin prostitutes resulted in the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases in the 19th century. There was even a myth, which said that a sexual intercourse with a virgin cured diseases. Enthusiasts would always say that there was a special pleasure for a man if he touches a virgin for the very first time. That pleasure was about a combination of aggression, power and a little bit of sadism.

An English journalist of the 19th century said that virgins were raped in London on a regular basis. He said that it was like a well-organized business. The journalist’s articles caused a lot of controversy in the country. He wrote that the majority of girls did not know, what happened to them. A virgin’s first meeting with a client made her a prostitute in a blink of an eye. It was very easy to make a young female vendor or a housemaid say goodbye to her virginity in return to a golden coin. Several virgin whorehouses had their own doctors that would present a certificate of virginity to a client, if a client wished so. This was a very expensive document. A virgin’s price was 100 pounds sterling in the beginning of the 19th century, although the price dropped to five pounds by the end of the 1970s. This testifies to the fact that the demand is growing.