Round-Table Globalization and National Self-determination Opens at Rosbalt News Agency

A round-table discussion Globalization and National Self-determination, which is part of the project Globalization: Ways for Russia, has opened at the Rosbalt news agency.

The main topic of the discussion will be the contradiction between a globalizing world and the growing tendency for national self-determination. In particular, participants will discuss the correlation between human values and national values as well as the antagonisms between growing national self-consciousness and the interests of a multi-national state. Renowned Russian and foreign scholars, politicians and public figures will be taking part at the discussion, including Andrei Illarionov, Sergei Vasiliev and Sergei Kurginian.

Rosbalt has been working on the Globalization: Ways for Russia since September 2001. Since then there have been round-table discussions devoted to the world situation after the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York, the dialogue between Islamic and Christian cultures, the role of Russia in world economics and the problems of Russia's potential for human resources. The following have all taken part at these discussions: Mikhail Gorbachev, Sergei Kurginian, Sergei Karaganov, Mikhail Deliagin, Tatyana Tolstaya, Alexander Yuriev, Sergei Kirienko, Mikhail Margelov, Abdul-Vakhed Niazov, Yefim Resvan, Zinaida Sikevich, Yuri Byali, Alexei Mordashev, Liubov Sovershayeva, Oksana Dmitrieva and other scholars, politicians, economists, businessmen, writers and culture analysts.

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