Russian Car Racers Will Participate in "Moroz-2003" Winter Motoring Festival

The organizing committee of the winter motoring festival "Moroz-2003" which would be held on 18-19 January at the republican hippodrome in the town of Ramenskoye (Moscow region) reported to RIA Novosti that the best Russian car racers would participate in it.

Within the framework of the traditional track races for the Prize of the head of the Ramenskoye region held under the auspices of the Motoring Federation of the Moscow region a "Zhigunov Cup" would be organized in A1600 class (cars with engine capacity of 1600 cubic cm) and Russian championship in the "Oka-Junior" class. Common requirement for both classes is to have tires with studs not exceeding 1.5 mm.

Their participation in the tournament confirmed such renown racers as Sergei Baldykov (winner of Russian rally championships), Aleksander Sotnikov (Russian track race champion), Sergei Dolin (Russian motor cross champion) - in the A 1600 class, and Sergey Afanasyev (Russian carting champion), Yevgeny Novikov (Russian carting championship winner) - in the "Oka-Junior" class.