Government Must Pay for Silicon Breast!

Work of a strip-tease dancer is hard and nervous: they work a lot, but earn not enough. However, developed countries treat strip-tease dancers as equals to other people; women dancing strip-tease there sometimes have a right for free plastic operations, for silicone implants for instance. In accordance with the legislation of Sweden, actors, singers and dancers have a right for free plastic operations that are meant to improve their looks. Sweden is known as the country where people pay the largest taxes in Europe, but at the same time people there are guaranteed a complete social package that includes education, medical care, good pensions, benefits and subsidies.

A young Sweden woman whose official profession is a strip-tease dancer appealed to a court of Stockholm for compensation of the plastic operation she had undergone in 1998. The plaintiff says that the size of her breast was small before the operation which certainly meant lower earnings for her than her colleagues were paid. In order to improve her “level of proficiency”, the woman decided to undergo a plastic operation and enlarge her breast. Attorney of the plaintiff says, the surgical operation was undergone not for the woman’s personal pleasure, but in order to give more aesthetic pleasure to the clients. That is why, the lawyer insists, the operation must be estimated as professional necessity, not a private case.

The woman paid 2.5 thousand dollars for the plastic operation and now she wants the sum to be compensated by the government from the annual assignments.

But unfortunately the Sweden court didn’t swallow the bait and turned the appeal down. In fact, if they allowed the appeal of the strip-tease dancer for compensation for her plastic operation, they would have to consider more cases on similar problems and pay money to all plaintiffs. So, the court declared the suit illegitimate; they stated that breast size wasn’t essential for strip-tease business.

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