In Bed with Kylie

British journalists conducted an opinion poll among British families, trying to find out most desirable people among world’s major stars. The people’s answers were not really original, although Britain’s top list of most desirable Hollywood stars was crowned with foreign celebrities. This was typical both for men and women.

As it turned out, the majority of the British males are ready to risk their family lives, to cheat on their wives, and to spend great time with Australian singer Kylie Minogue. It is curious, but English wives supported their husbands. The most desirable man for British women is Australian actor Russel Crowe. What a wonderful coincidence! Thirty-two percent of respondents said that they would definitely check in a hotel with another name.

Below is the list of six most desirable celebrity couples for Great Britain:

Russel Crowe and Kylie Minogue George Clooney and Julia Roberts Robbie Williams and Halle Berry Brad Pitt and Britney Spears Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie Ewan McGregor and Penelope Cruz

Thirty-eight percent of wives and about 26% of husbands said that they would never cheat on each other. About 92% said that they would take a chance to sleep with a Hollywood star, only if they had a guarantee that the secret would remain unveiled for good.

A British agency distributed the information regarding the physical attraction of world’s most popular male athletes. Needless to mention, that most popular athletes of the world reside in Great Britain, while all other countries have not more than five or six names.