Moscow Kremlin presents Masterpieces of German Silverware

On December 18 - February 23 the show-hall of the Assumption belfry of the Moscow Kremlin will host an exhibition "Masterpieces of German Silverware in the Kremlin".

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held yesterday. The exposition features one of the world's best collections of German silverware from the depositories of the Moscow Kremlin museum, in particular, the Armoury, the Russian ancient state treasury. More than 130 works of the end of the 16th century - the beginning of the 18th century, the golden age of German jeweller's art, will present the variety and quality of German silverware.

A lot of objects from this collection were already shown in many countries. However, this is the first-ever complete exhibition of silverware. Many objects have never left the depositories before. The work of the Kremlin restorers made it possible to show these unique works of art in full volume.

Many silver objects implied special sense in the period of their creation. Their creators were not only goldsmiths, but also famous poets, musicians, philosophers and public figures. They perceived and developed new ideas, risen by architects and painters, in their works and became founding fathers of new trends and styles in art.

The exhibition will present this aspect of jeweller's art and reveal some secrets of their work. The visitors will get acquainted with the most famous goldsmith dynasties from Germany's silver capitals - Nurnberg, Hamburg and Augsburg.