Chimpanzee learns to draw

In the Rostov zoo (Rostov-on-the-Don is a regional center in the south of Russia) they started teaching a chimpanzee to draw.

Alexander Lipkovich, deputy director of the zoo, said the experiment started with the advent of winter cold.

The deputy director explained that an animal held in captivity experiences constant stress and for an anthropoid ape the most difficult period is winter when there are practically no visitors.

Scientists ascertain that the presence of a human being distracts and entertains the animal.

Lipkovich explained that when the chimpanzee is engaged in intellectual activities psychological stress is relieved.

He stated that for the time being only two apes have demonstrated inclination to drawing. When the lesson is over the apes use to crack all pencils and eat practically all drawings. Nevertheless, chimpanzee tutors managed to save several pictures.

Zoo officials do not exclude that an apes' art gallery may open in the apes' sector of the zoo.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team