A Suicidal Cock

A 65-year-old woman, a resident of the village of Manakovo (the Russian republic of Mordovia), was deprived of her dinner and the rooster that was actually going to be her dinner. One day, the lady decided to cook some chicken soup. However, a problem arose: she had to behead the cock.

The lady eventually made up her mind not to call her neighbor to help her in return for a shot of vodka. She decided to try her hand at it. After a short prayer, the lady went to her hen house, caught the rooster, and cut his head off. However, her “victim’s” life of was far from over. The beheaded bird started rushing about the hen house, escaped, and made a run for it. The rooster ran to a pond and drowned there. The women seriously believes that the bird did so intentionally, in order to spite her. By the way, only the women’s cat was lucky to have dinner that day: it got the rooster’s head to eat.

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