Cow Stands Trial for Traffic Accident

An unprecedented trial took place in a regional court in the Russian republic of Chivashia. A cow belonging to a citizen from the village Lipovo stood trial.

The cow was charged with a traffic accident that occurred on the Moscow – Kazan highway 1.5 years ago. That summer, the cow walked onto the highway where a car accidentally hit it. As a result of the accident, the driver of that car demanded money for the material and moral damage he suffered due to the traffic accident.

The driver told the judge that the car moved at a speed of not more than 70 kmh at the moment when it hit the cow. Nobody could confirm or deny the evidence, as, other than the cow and the driver, there were no witnesses. The defendant, the cow, as you perfectly understand, couldn’t testify in its defense (for quite obvious reasons).

The plaintiff estimated the damage caused to the car to be 3.76 thousand rubles (a bit more than 100 dollars). In addition, he paid for his attorney services (2.5 thousand rubles) and paid for a mechanic to fix his car. As a result, the total sum was 7.46 thousand rubles (230 dollars approximately). Shockingly the Justice of Peace believed the driver’s words and pronounced the cow guilty of the traffic accident.

Where will the cow come up with the cash? Even the owner of the cow doesn’t have this kind of money. Even other villagers are in a state of shock, as nobody knows whose cow or goat might wander onto the highway and be faced with a trial.

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