Russian Ambassador to France speaks in favour of holding "EXPO-2010" exhibition in Moscow

Russian Ambassador to France Aleksander Avdeyev produced reasons in favour of holding the International Universal Exhibition "EXPO-2010" in Moscow.

Speaking at the press-conference in Paris, he said "everything proves that Moscow is the place to hold the exhibition, especially the given theme for the exhibition "Resources, Technologies and Ideas as a Path to the United World". Since the exhibition is universal, any participating country will have an opportunity to demonstrate its own vision of the stable development of humankind".

The geographic and political positioning of Russia, which connected with other countries by the "Eurasian bridge", and the place of Russia in the present-day world, which has been reborn due to Russia's efforts, also speak in favour of the country, he stressed.

"In the course of the 150 years old history of the exhibition movement Russia has been its most active participant, but never hosted a single exhibition at home", the diplomat stressed.

"The exhibition in Moscow will serve as an international review of Russia's achievements in the spheres of economy, science and culture for the 20 years of its independent development of democratic reformations based on the respect of human rights", Avdeyev said.

The press-conference was organised by the headquarters of International Bureau of Exhibitions /BIE/ in Paris in the wake of the 132nd session. The session will take place on December 2-3, in Monaco, where the delegates from 89 member-countries of BIE will name the city, which will host the "EXPO-2010" exhibition.

Moscow, Shanghai, Wroclaw, Keretaro (Mexico) and Yosu (South Korea) are the cities competing to host the "EXPO-2010" exhibition.