Finnish hounds contact hunters over mobile phones

A new, rather unusual trick was invented by Finnish hunters: they fasten mobile phones to collars of their hounds. Hunters say, they can learn what kind of game their dogs are coursing just by the manner of their barking. That is why on the eve of a new hunting season fasting of mobile phones to hounds is really very popular in Finland. Some people may say that it is more interesting to learn what kind of game you will shoot just before the very shot. But Finnish hunters prefer to know everything beforehand to control the situation, as they say themselves.

So, the new trick has become kind of fashion this season, and hunters very often fasten some tracking devices to collars of their dogs, these are usually active mobile phones. All sounds of dogs can be heard over the phone in this case, and hunters are even ready to pay big bills for telephone conversations for the sake of a successful hunting. Moreover, hunters can also give commands to dogs over the phone, and if dogs hear them, they are believed to carry the commands out. No matter how great the distance between the dog and the hunter is. Indeed, the new trick can really make hunting more interesting, and stories of hunters are sure to be more amusing because of it.

At first, Finnish hunters fastened their own mobile phones to hounds. But later, Benefon invented a special tracking device especially for this purpose. With GSM and GSP installed, the new device establishes connection with a hound even at a long distance and under all weather conditions. Unfortunately, the new device has no SMS function, but it is not ruled out that it may be added soon. The new tracking device by Benefon is really very popular in Finland, and its popularity is to increase soon on the even of a new hunting season.

Spokesperson of Finland’s Hunting Society Klaus Ekman is happy that the new device appeared: “The device is an upgraded version of a tracking system we have been using for the past 25 years. What is really very important, now we can communicate with our hounds even at a distance.”

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