Woman’s orgasm is more important than even arrest

A true gentleman is a gentleman even in a crisis situation. And when a gentleman is under the threat of arrest for making outdoor sex, he will continue with his caresses to bring his woman to the peak of delight.

A rather funny incident occurred at an open swimming pool in Milan. At the height of a sunny summer day a girl and a young man got acquainted there and liked each other very much. Not to waste the time, the couple decided to test how strong their feelings were: the young people decided to make love right in the swimming pool before other people who were happily bathing in the pool.

It is quite natural that other people did not like such conduct of the young couple and asked the pool security to stop the indecent actions. When the security came, he saw a rather picturesque scene. A topless girl was standing in the pool’s shallow water, her legs standing wide and pants down; a strong handsome man embraced her from behind. It was quite evident what the young couple were doing, because the girl emitted rather distinctive sounds, and movements of their bodies were very much speaking.

On the whole, the picture was rather nice but for one exception: children were also swimming in the pool. They evinced great interest to what the young couple were doing.

The security asked the reckless lovers to stop and go away, but they ignored his words and proceeded with sex. The man said he would not stop until the woman reached orgasm. By the way, it did not take much time for the woman to reach the delightful moment. As soon as everything was over, the young couple were arrested and taken to a police station for disturbing order in public places.


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