Exhibition of dead bodies expands

Over twenty British people bequeathed their bodies to German Professor Hunter von Hagens, the organizer of a scandalous exposition of dead bodies and parts of human bodies.

The exhibition have been already demonstrated in Japan, Germany, Belgium and Austria, now the exhibits are set out in Great Britain. The exhibits include 25 human bodies and 175 organs, the most scandalous exhibit is a body of a pregnant woman in a cut.

The professor rejects all accusations of excessive naturalism and cynicism. All exhibits allowed mummification already during their life, however, many people say that what Professor Hagens does is what famous nazi doctor Joseph Mengele did. On the contrary, Hagens says that main objective of the show is democratization of anatomy.

All exhibits have been mummified in a special method invented by the professor in 1977. The method includes soaking of dead bodies in formaldehyde, then refrigeration and subsequent unfreezing. Then water and fat are extracted from the dead bodies and finally they are filled with plastic.

The very first exhibition took place in February 2002. But one of the exhibits, a mummified horse with a plastic rider on it had been demonstrated in Germany in 2000 already. As we see now, the professor has achieved considerable results since that time and now he can mummify even people.

Reaction to the exhibition was rather scandalous in Great Britain. Families of the dead whose organs had been amputated and stolen from hospitals made their protests against the exhibition. They even accused the professor of scopophilia. The professor in his turn says that what he does is also of educational and artistic value, because when people look under the skin they see how fragile we are.


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