Testicles prevent from sonorous singing

British archeologists found the first ancient drag queen, as they thought. They found the remains of a man in Yorkshire, lying in his grave, wearing women’s jewels. When they examined their finding more carefully, they realized that the man used to be a castrate, who castrated himself 1700 years ago. There were two little stones in his mouth, symbolizing his cut testicles. The man did that to himself in honor of Kibela – the eastern goddess of fertility. Members of this sect had to go through that ritual in order to be like Kibela’s husband Attis, who proved his devotion to Kibela that way.

The history of castrates springs from very ancient times. Chinese emperors used to have a lot of castrates in their retinues. Men with no testicles guarded noblemen’s rooms and their harems. Emperors hoped that only a castrate could save them from having an illegal heir. However, a man can lose interest in women only if his testicles are cut in early childhood. Those poor castrates that were emasculated in their twenties or thirties always remained men in their soul.

Greeks and Romans emasculated their prisoners, thinking that the absence of genitals would make them more obedient. Roman emperors used castrates as lovers. A castrate could get a lot of influence and fortune due to such intimacy. A castrate could become the ruler of the country, if an emperor was weak in his will.

Castrates became very popular opera singers in Italy. Some of them even got married. Italian doctors learned how to emasculate a man without damaging their sex lives. They cut off only testicles, and a signer could make love to a woman, but he surely could not have children.

The emasculation operation has always been very risky, in all times. It was totally sick and barbaric in ancient times – testicles were simply severed. The death rate of such operations reached 60%. Indians used opium as a painkiller, making an operation in a very careful way. China was the country that succeeded most, though.

Four of five thousand boys were castrated in Italy in 17-18th centuries every year. Those boys were used for church choirs, since it was generally believed that a singing woman in a church was a sacrilege.

Nowadays, castrates basically live in India, where they do magic. Unfertile women often ask them for help, and passers-by always try to touch their heels as a token of great respect.

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