Mice can produce human sperm!

American scientists advised that mice were capable of producing human sperm. Those men, who underwent radiotherapy in their childhood, will have an opportunity to have children.

Scientists from Pennsylvania University implanted goat’s and swine’s sperm-producing cells into mice. The tissue started producing goat’s and swine’s sperm several months after. It was the first time, when mouse organisms did not tear away other animals’ transplants.

The research showed that those men, who experienced a radiation overdose in their childhood, would have a good chance to become fathers. Radiotherapy is used to treat such illnesses as cancer.

In theory, it is possible to take the adequate cells of immature cells of a boy and implant them in a mouse. A boy’s cells will start producing sperm inside a mouse. Sperm can be stored in a frozen condition and then it will be given to its owner, when he grows older. However, it is not known, if young cells can grow fast in a mouse to produce human sperm before a mouse dies.