Vodka gene discovered in Russians

A Russian man can drink ten times as much as a European can. This is not just a thing to say, it has been scientifically proved. The scientists of the Russian University for national friendship found out that this peculiarity of Russian people was explained with the so-called Asian gene.

A human being with such a gene gets drunk ten times as slower, constantly having the not-yet-enough feeling, while drinking. However, the gene does not save anyone from alcohol poisoning. Its production in a human organism, which has the Asian gene, is ten times as faster too. This explains why Russian people die of alcohol more often than other nations do.

Pursuant to the information from the Moscow Psychiatric Research Institute, Russia takes one of the top places in the world in terms of the alcohol consumption. Vodka is the queen of Russian strong drinks, but its history is not really long. Alcohol appeared in Russia only in the 14th century, whereas the alcohol history of Europe counts thousands of years.

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