Russian Lolita Garmin can see her daughter brought to the USA

The US court has permitted Russia Lolita Garmin to see her daughter, who was kidnapped and brought to the USA.

In an interview with RIA Novosti Garmin said that the Ohio court satisfied her lawyer's application and permitted her to see her 7-year-old daughter "two times a week in a certain place in the presence of a social worker for two hours." The court granted the similar right to Emilia's father, who is charged with the child's kidnapping in Russia and her bringing to the USA.

Not so long ago the American Embassy issued a visa to Garmin and she is leaving for the USA one of these days to see her daughter and get ready for the court proceedings.

Emilia Garmin, a US citizen, was kidnapped in Moscow on July 19th. Criminals broke into the flat, tied her mother and grandmother, injected them with sleeping pills and then disappeared taken the child.

On July 26th, FBI workers discovered the girl in a resort town in the USA. She was there together with her father who was behind the kidnapping. Preliminary reports suggest that the child was brought to the USA via Ukraine. Patrick Garmin appealed to the US court requesting to leave the girl in the USA. His reason was that "he will never let the girl go to a country such as Russia." From the very beginning the prime suspect was the girl's father. According to the girl's mother, her ex-husband has a mental disorder and is cruel to her daughter.

At the present moment US social workers are supervising the girl who is living in an American family.

The whereabouts of the girl and the family are not disclosed. Garmin will learn about the girl's state through a phone talk.

In February 2001, The US Court ruled to place the 7-year-old Emilia Garmin, a US citizen, in the care of her mother.