Hermits and anchorites in fashion

Several hundreds years ago, every more or less respectable city had its own God’s fool or hermit. Later, this tradition, because of moral degradation, was stopped. Though recently, at the time of man-caused and natural cataclysms, the old fashion is being revived: it seems to be more comfortable with own city God’s fool.

Painter Anna Douglas from the county Staffordshire proposed to return hermits to British provinces. This idea was supported by local council on historical memorial protection. It found a “working place” for the hermit, with salary, insurance and other necessary attributes. Newspapers published an advertisement: “Hermit wanted for dwelling in cave. Last owner left it about two and a half centuries ago.”

It turns out that in old times, hermits also were paid. Because since Middle Ages, nobody agreed to becoming hermit on his own free will. So hermits were tempted with money.

Today many volunteers were found, who wanted to settle in the cave. About a dozen of applications were received from competitors for that post. A competition will be organized, whose winner concludes a five-year contract and spends five years in the cave, avoiding contacts with people and frightening that ones who would dare to visit him. It is desirable for the hermit to stop shaving and taking bath. Traditionally, hermits were men, so women are asked not to offer their service.

Yelena Kiseleva PRAVDA.Ru