Boris Yeltsin congratulates Kuchma on his birthday

On Friday Boris Yeltsin congratulated President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine on his birthday, said Vladimir Shevchenko, chief of protocol of Russia's first president.

Shevchenko said that Yeltsin, who is currently holidaying on the island of Chardym in the Saratov Region (on the Volga River) congratulated Kuchma on the phone.

While holidaying the Yeltsins are spending much time fishing and making voyages on the Volga River, said Shevchenko.

Yeltsin has caught several sterlets, ruffs and carps. Naina Yeltsin does not lag behind her husband. Being good at fishing herself, she makes a very good rival for her husband, said Shevchenko. On Sunday, August 11, the Yeltsins are planning to visit together with governor of the Saratov Region Dmitry Ayatskov a football match between the Spartak (Moscow) and Sokol (Saratov) teams which will be held at the local Locomotive stadium.

Shevchenko noted that the first president will in all probability support the local Sokol team. Next week the Yeltsins intend to take a stroll through Saratov and also go duck hunting.

The Yeltsins are expected to return to Moscow in the middle of next week.